Al Baraka Academy organizes a first aid training workshop in cooperation with the Bahrain Red Crescent Society for Al Baraka employees

23 August 2017

Believing in the important role of preparing the staff of Al Baraka Banking Group and Al Baraka Islamic Bank, 15 employees were trained in the first aid course at the Group's headquarters in cooperation with the Bahrain Red Crescent Society. The participants were trained on proper intervention methods to help themselves and individuals injured in various accidents and those who are in emergency situations to save them and reduce the potential for development of serious injuries that may result in deaths, God forbid.

The workshop aims at spreading the culture and principles of first aid in and out of work and the contents that must be available in the first aid kit and training them on how to provide the initial and immediate care that a person needs as a result of sudden exposure to emergency health conditions such as wounds, burns, shock, pulmonary resuscitation, fractures, spinal cord injuries, sunburn, exhaustion, thermal convulsions, road accidents and injured persons transferring. The workshop included a theoretical part and a practical part. The practical side represented the presentation of severe and emergency injuries and allowed the employees to apply what was explained.

At the end of the session, Al Baraka management confirmed its keenness to organize such courses on an ongoing basis to qualify the largest number of employees to deal properly with emergency situations as they occur.

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