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Al Baraka Banking Group
Representative Office, Indonesia
Founded 2008

Indonesia's economic growth rate in 2015 is estimated at 4.7%, down a little from 5.0% in 2014. The current account deficit was once more reduced, to -2.0% from -3.1% of GDP, while the budget deficit remained little changed at -2.0% of GDP. The rate of inflation rose to 6.2% from 4.8% the year before.

ABG's Indonesia Representative Office assesses and reports on the potential for the Group to do business in the country or to consider the acquisition of suitable local bank/s. The representative office is also responsible for maintaining contact with regulators and major banking groups in Indonesia and for preserving the image and brand value of the Group. With trade flows between Indonesia and many of the countries where the Group operates continuing to grow, the representative office pro-actively identifies business opportunities and generates leads that are directed towards ABG subsidiaries.

Ms. Nurul Bariah
Chief Representative

Ravindo Building, 10th Floor,
Jalan Kebon Sirih, No. 75,
Jakarta Pusat 10340,
TEL: +62 21 316 1345
FAX: +62 21 316 1074

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