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Anti-Money Laundering

Risks relating to financial crime are proactively managed at the Group and subsidiary levels. The ABG Group is committed to complying with AML/CFT laws and regulations, as well as the recommendations of the Basel Committee and Financial Action Task Force. These laws, regulations and recommendations are reflected in the AML/CFT policies of ABG and each of its subsidiaries. The Group has strict Know Your Customer policies, which include detailed requirements for identifying and verifying customers. These policies preclude the operating units from establishing new business relationships until all relevant parties to the relationship have been identified and verified, and the nature of the business they expect to conduct has been clearly established. In line with the requirements of the CBB and the Group AML Policy, suitably qualified Money Laundering Reporting Officers (MLROs) are appointed in all subsidiaries. The MLROs are responsible for ensuring compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and policies in respect of AML/CFT. They also have the responsibility of reviewing and monitoring customers and transactions, and reporting to their respective host regulators any suspicions concerning them At the Group level, ABG has appointed a Group MLRO, who is responsible for formulating and implementing ABG's AML strategies and policies on an ongoing basis. The Group MLRO coordinates the activities of each subsidiary's MLRO, overseeing appropriate AML training for all relevant staff, and reporting to the Board Audit and Governance Committee and the Board of Directors on all critical money laundering issues.

Anti-Money Laundering Questionnaire Endorsed By AL BARAKA GROUP

Group AML policy
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