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Al Baraka Banking Group meets sustainable financing targets one year ahead: Publishes its Sustainability & Social Responsibility Report for 2019

Manama | November 25, 2020

Al Baraka Banking Group’s Digital Transformation to gain further momentum

Manama I November 15, 2020

Net Income attributable to Al Baraka Banking Group's shareholders reaches US$ 67 million in the First Nine Months of 2020, with Total Assets of US$ 26.9 billion

Manama | November 9, 2020

Invitation of the Extraordinary General Meeting

Manama | November 8, 2020

Al Baraka Banking Group Announces the launch of its new global website

Manama I October 11, 2020

Al Baraka to change the operational structure of its parent company in Bahrain

Manama | September 19, 2020

Al Baraka Banking Group Collaborates with Bahrain Bourse and Central Bank to offer Sukuk based Murabaha Facility

Manama I September 16, 2020

Al Baraka Banking Group reappoints SICO as Market Maker

Manama I September 6, 2020

The Banker Magazine: Jordan Islamic Bank Best Islamic bank in Jordan for the year 2020

Manama I August 23, 2020

Al Baraka Unclaimed Dividends

Manama | August 16, 2020

Net Income attributable to Al Baraka Banking Group's shareholders reaches US$ 47 million in the First Half of 2020, with Total Assets Exceeding US$ 26 billion

Manama | June 10, 2020

Announcement of the Board of Directors meeting results in relation to Ordinary / Extraordinary Items

Manama | June 23, 2020

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