Al Baraka عربي

Social & Sustainable Finance


Al Baraka’s deep-rooted commitment to Social & Sustainable Finance (SSF) is derived from the organization’s core values arising from the tenets of the principles underlying Islamic banking and finance. The Group strives to contribute to the real economy and the impact on the communities where we operate.
As members of a leading international Islamic financial group founded on Islamic principles and values, we at Al Baraka believe that we have a particular obligation to society, through patronage and sponsorship of educational and social projects, to enhance the living conditions and quality of life of individuals in the local communities, of which we are part.
Our Mission is to fulfill the financial needs of communities across the globe by conducting business through an ethical customer-centric approach tailored for the digital age, based on our core beliefs and aimed at sharing the mutual rewards with our partners in business success: our customers, our employees, our shareholders, and our communities at large.
Al Baraka’s deep-rooted commitment to Sustainability and Social Responsibility are derived from the core values of the Islamic banking and finance. The Group and its Units continue to prioritize their focus for Sustainability and Social Responsibility activities and has spent more than half a million dollars on initiatives/activities related to Job Creation, Education, Healthcare and Sustainable Energy.

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