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Board Compliance and Governance Committee

The Board Compliance & Governance Committee comprises of a minimum of three Directors with one of its members being a representative of the Unified Sharia Board and meets at least 4 times a year but may meet more frequently at the request of the Chairman.
The Committee’s role is to ensure a robust compliance, AML and corporate governance framework and a strong compliance culture across the Group including ensuring efficient procedures, processes and controls for Anti- money Laundering, Countering Financing of Terrorism, International Sanctions and Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act and Common Reporting Standards. It periodically reviews the governance controls and systems to uncover any weakness, if any, which can be addressed. As the Group is present in many countries, the Committee ensures that the respective local legal legislation and regulatory norms are well-abided with so that compliance standards are maintained at a high level and are compatible with those enunciated by international standards.

For more detailed information about the Committee’s duties, powers, and the periodicity of its meetings, please refer to the Group’s approved Corporate Governance Code at the following link.
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