Al Baraka عربي

Board Social & Sustainable Finance Committee

The Social Responsibility and Sustainability Committee leads the social responsibility program of Al Baraka Group, and supervises the development and formulation of general strategic policies and plans and works to make the Al Baraka Group and all of its subsidiary banking units, a model for Islamic banking that contributes in practice to establishing the concept of social responsibility for financial institutions.

As the banking and Islamic finance industry always looks up to the Al Baraka Group to provide pioneering initiatives, the Al Baraka Social Responsibility program is yet another example of the Group's ability to be a role model.

The Committee is concerned with setting the general policies to implement the Group's programs related to social responsibility, and seeks to adopt a scientific approach that views social responsibility as a major feature in banking and Islamic finance. In this way, the Committee will confirm its commitment to the spirit of social responsibility inherent in Islamic finance, by directing the Executive Management to achieve a number of goals on a periodic basis.
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