Al Baraka عربي

Social & Sustainable Finance Committee

The Board Committee for Social & Sustainable Finance oversees the activities of Al Baraka’s SSF Program, and its role is to:

  1. Maintain the continuity of Al Baraka’s SSF Program and update it with the most recent international research and popular strategies to enhance our Shari’a objectives.

  2. Manage and supervise SSF Program implementation of Al Baraka Group.

  3. Ensure that the Program remains one of the leading Programs within the Islamic banking and finance industry in general, by developing new researches in Shari’a and economic analyses.

  4. Provide appropriate guidance for the implementation of Al Baraka’s SSF Program.

  5. Compile, consolidate and publish annual and other periodic SSF Reports.

  6. Develop and update procedures that may result in enhancing the adequacy and effectiveness of the Program at Group level.

  7. Exercise all necessary powers in relation to the Program to achieve the objectives and remain consistent with the rationale of the Committee.

  8. Coordinate with other local and international SR Programs.

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