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Al Baraka Group Gifts Islamic Finance and Banking Literature to the Ministry of Education and Abdulla bin Khalid College of Islamic Studies

Manama I September 20, 2023

Al Baraka Group, the leading Islamic investment firm headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain, recently gifted a number of Islamic banking and finance books to the Ministry of Education and Abdulla bin Khalid College of Islamic Studies.
In line with the Group’s focus on enhancing knowledge-sharing in the Islamic banking field, the initiative aims to equip school and university students, as well as researchers, with academic references related to Islamic finance and banking. The Group has gifted the Ministry of Education's Knowledge Resource Centres and the Abdulla bin Khalid College of Islamic Studies, a collection of books to be utilised as a primary resource for students and teachers.
The donated books also include research gathered during Al Baraka’s Islamic Economics Symposium (Nadwa); an annual event hosted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that convenes on various banking matters. The Symposium is regularly joined by esteemed Islamic and international scholars, alongside experts in the financial, business, banking and Islamic finance fields, and their recommendations act as a scientific reference and database for Sharia bodies governing Islamic banks and financial institutions.
Al Baraka Group has been a trusted knowledge and information source in the Islamic finance realm and is very proactive in sharing this wealth of knowledge through training, advisory, and publishing. The Group’s insights and solutions to Islamic banking principles and best practice application of the same on Islamic banking operations have contributed to the development of Sharia products that meet both technical and Sharia criteria, and which have resulted in an enriching customer experience.
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